Pinosoccer HD is an addictive game inspired by the classic wooden "pinogol" we played as kids.
    With super-stylish graphics and an easy and intuitive gameplay, you'll spend hours having fun with your friends. You can choose to play in single player mode, where you face the computer, or multiplayer version to challenge one of your friends.
    Do not waste time and download now Pinosoccer HD from App Store! Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


    Pinosoccer HD is simple and intuitive.
    If you've ever played pinosoccer on wooden boards will certainly know how to play.
    Your goal is to score on the opponent, and for that you need flicking the ball to put the ball into the goal.
    You can choose how many shoots, from one to three, that players will have on their turns.
    Less shoots is harder, so start practicing your accuracy and good luck.


    Before starting the game you can choose your preferred terrain. You have four options:
    Grass, the classic of the soccer fields.
    Land to remember the field of your neighborhood.
    Concrete , to remember the field of your college.
    Wood, the famous indoor soccer.
    So, which field you are best?


    You can also choose the color of the uniform of your team. Green, yellow, blue, red and purple.
    What is your favorite color?


    Pinosoccer HD is an universal app, it works on all Apple devices without having to buy twice the same app. It works on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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